Thursday, March 5, 2015

Datacap 9 Navigator Customization options

  • After Datacap app is created in Datacap Studio, most of the administrative activities can be performed through Web (ICN).
  • Datacap exposes RESTFull Web Services. So Customization opportunities are wide open.
  • Custom Panel:  It is data entry screen. Most of time we might want to customize this.
    • ICN allows us to design custom panels with in Datacap Admin desktop.
    • Good control on Layout of the Panel.
    • It provides all basic UI validations options like RegEx, Read-Only, Mandatory etc.
    • Dropdown field can be bound to SQL Query against database.
      • <SQL flist='CaseType dsn="*/lookupdb:cs">SELECT CaseType FROM CaseTypes</SQL>
  • External Data Services (EDS): Extend Custom Panel using EDS.
    • Using this we can get data from external data sources using web services.
    • UI fields properties and behavior can be controlled up to some extend
    • Enable Lookup values in dropdown box.
    • Prefil properties with default values based on ClassID, logged in user, parent folder etc.
    • Populate values based on other dropdown list.
    • Behaviour like readonly, mandatory, hidden.
    • Validation of properties
  • Custom Panel does not give us option to add new Action. This could be a significant hurdle for customization.
  • Since it is under Content Navigator platform, we can leverage all ICN customization options.

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